At Vertualize Inc., we prefer using open source software over proprietary software. No matter what kind of software / extensions are being used on your website, the extensions will come with regular upgrades, security patches, bug fixes, or newer versions with improved functionality. This makes it important to apply these upgrades on your website, to ensure that you are availing yourself of the latest version that improves functionality. At the same time, your website will be secure from against potential security threats that have been found, and fixed by the extension developers. Though managing these extensions yourself is not easy, you will need to keep a regular check on updates of every extension. In many cases, the number of extensions used are too many to keep track of, and it becomes a real necessary overhead of running your business website. Here is where the Vertualize Inc. team can help your business. We keep track of all the extensions used on your site and monitor their developer's site regularly for new upgrades. As soon as there is a new release we will apply it on your website. This service can be added onto your service contract at any time, and depending upon your initial service contract, may already be included in your project.